San Gabriel Nursery and Florist to Sell a Large Part of Its Property

A sign of changing times.

A sign of changing times.


The San Gabriel Nursery and Florist, a multi-generational family business, has called San Gabriel its home for over 90 years, but it appears that the end of an era may be near.

Courtney Tompkins, of the Pasadena Star News, reports that the family has decided to put the landmark property up for sale, and is drawing significant interest from domestic and international investors:

Mary Ishihara Swanton, chief financial officer and granddaughter of the Yoshimuras, said the business is downsizing as family members get older and want to retire, and the newer generations have expressed less interest in managing the grounds.

“It’s just time to start getting more manageable and smaller,” she said.

She said the family intends to continue operating the retail side of the business, which includes a 2-acre garden center and florist shop adjacent to the property.

The history of the company reflects the challenges and opportunities that have faced Valley residents and immigrants throughout the years, making the San Gabriel Valley such a rich and diverse region. Begun as a small nursery, founded in 1923 by Fred and Mitoko Yoshimura, the San Gabriel Nursery and Florist has grown into one of the most respected and expert nurseries in the nation! Known as one of the best sources for rare plant specimens, the Nursery is well known for creating its own hybrids, including the venerable “Mission Bell” Azalea.

We wish the Yoshimura family great success in their future endeavors, and wish to extend our congratulations and deep appreciation for being such an integral part of this community!