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Nilza Serrano

Communities are built from the ground up, Nilza Serrano is a builder.  A successful entrepreneur, Serrano has bridged the gap between private enterprise and public service.  Over twenty years ago, Serrano founded TMS Production and Post Production firm.  Today she has an extensive client network that includes General Motors, Paramount Studios, Ford Motor Company, Mobil Oil Company, Tenet Healthcare Corporation, Disney, Warner Brothers Universal Pictures, Dream Works, and various television-recording studios.  Serrano's client base has crossed country borders; with successful outcomes in China, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada and Peru. 

National Latina Business Women Association selected Serrano as the 2004 Business Woman of the Year, recognizing her for her achievements in entertainment.

The Latin Business Association selected Serrano as the winner 2003 Latina Entrepreneur of the year, a very prestigious award in area of media. 

Beyond her professional life, Nilza Serrano is an active supporter of opportunity, education and outreach for Latinos and Latino Culture.

Serrano serves at the treasurer for HOPE-PAC a Political Action Committee whose mission is to assist Latina Women rise to elected office in California.  With the rising Latino population Serrano states, "Latinas play a vital role in the infrastructure of the family and business it is time that Latinas play a role in politics".

Serrano currently is President of the Board of Amanacer Mental Health Services one of the largest mental health center in the County of Los Angeles, serving over 25,000 cases per year. Serrano also serves as the Boards Secretary and fundraising chair.

Her love for children gave the President of the Los Angeles School Board the opening to appoint Serrano as her commissioner to the LATCH.
LATCH is a program that oversees school based medical clinics. Serrano currently serves as the Secretary of the Board

Serrano also proudly serves on the Board of Directors of Plaza De La Raza. Her excellent fundraising skills have made her the leading force on the Board. Serrano has brought in much needed funds from major corporations. She also developed an innovative program that provides the children at Plaza with a complete book bag filled with all the essentials to start the school year with a winning attitude. A total of 600 children benefited from this program.

California had not experienced the tenacity of Latin Jazz, prior to Serrano acting as Vice President of the Los Angeles International Latin Jazz Festival. She was instrumental introducing Latin Jazz to the Greek Theater along with the members such as Andy Garcia, Hector Elizondo, Angelica Huston, Herb Alpert, Lalo Shiffirin and many more. Serrano has passed her torch to the Executive Director in 1998.

Serrano has also served as the Director of the Advisory Board of Humanitarian Outreach Programs Esperanza (HOPE). Developed in 1991, the program objective is to raise funds to build orphanages in underdeveloped countries around the world. Based in Southern California, the program solicits equipment and funding from hospitals and healthcare organizations. Funding is put to use to set up medical teams on goodwill missions worldwide.

Serrano’s public service extends beyond greater Los Angeles. She has spent countless hours volunteering her time on the Board of Directors for the Orange Chapter of the American Lung Association.

Serrano’s love for Latino culture propelled her to co-found the Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival. The Successful event brought Latino films from around the world to the City of Los Angeles during the celebration at Latino Heritage Month.

Serrano served in the capacity of Co-Chairperson of the Latino Heritage Month Organizing Committee. Under her leadership, the City of Los Angeles’ Latino Heritage Month flourished and became the most successful event. Serrano brought together the glamour of Hollywood, the beauty of the City and was instrumental in securing sponsorships from major corporations. Ms. Serrano was also responsible for coining its theme “Building Bridges.” As Co-chair, Serrano was responsible for the overall logistical and creative management of events coinciding with the month-long celebration of Latino contributions throughout the communities of the City of Los Angeles.

Ms. Serrano served as board of President for Navidad en El Barrio a non-for profit organization that was created over 25 years ago to bring food manufactures and corporate leaders in unison, to feed over 20,000 needy families during the Holiday Season.

She is also a member of Los Bomberos Advisory board, a group of City of Los Angeles Latino Firefighters who on their off time devote themselves collecting toys, food, clothing for victims of fire, and assisting with the mentor program.

Serrano is also a long-standing volunteer and organizer of the Annual
Golden Eagle Awards founded by Ricardo Montalban for the television and motion picture academy and Emmy awards.

Serrano is a graduate of the HOPE Leadership Institute and an active board member of the HOPE Hispanas Organized for Political Equality an organization that focuses on State and National policy affecting the lives of Latinas in the country,

Raised in the community of Lincoln Heights in East Los Angeles, Serrano has embraced the Latino experience from a local perspective. A graduate of Lincoln High School, she began her collegiate education at East Los Angeles College and graduated from California State University-Los Angeles with a degree in Advertising Marketing and Business Administration.

E-mail: nilza@themediashop.tv

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