Dr. Monica Christianson Named Woman of the Year

Congratulations to SGVCA Member Dr. Monica Christianson for being named one of the 48th California State Assembly District’s 2016 Women of the Year!

In a ceremony held on Friday, April 8th, 2016, Assembly Member Roger Hernandez welcomed Dr. Christianson and 15 other honorees, awarding them with this prestigious accolade, presented each year in celebration of National Women’s History Month. Quoting Assemblymember Hernandez’s welcome letter:

Each individual’s selflessness, commitment and unrelenting sacrifices to the populations they serve have not gone unnoticed. Their actions are invaluable to our community and will remain an essential component in ensuring brighter futures for generations to come.

On behalf of the California State Legislature and the people of the 48th Assembly District, congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments and thank you for your continued dedication to the betterment of our communities.”

Dr. Monica Christianson, one of the Women of the Year 2016 in Assembly District 48

Dr. Monica Christianson, one of the Women of the Year 2016 in Assembly District 48

Dr. Monica Christianson is the Director of the Veterans Success Center and Mental Health Counselor at Citrus College in Glendora. Dr. Christianson teaches a transitional counseling class, Higher Education Transitional Skills for Veterans and Families. She also offers counseling for PTSD, TBI, military sexual assault and marriage counseling at the Veterans Success Center. Monica works to prevent students and their family members from falling victim to substance abuse and dependency. She is Co-Chair of Congresswoman Grace Napolitano’s Mental Health Committee, is an active member of the Veterans Advisory Committee for Citrus College, and is a staunch advocate for Veterans Issues in Sacramento, working, for instance, on behalf of Assemblymember Hernandez’s Venteran Resource Center Bill, AB 393.

Congratulations Monica on a recognition well deserved!